Electrical Engineering Questions Part 1

Electrical Engineering Questions with brief explanatory answers.

What is a resistor and what is the basic function of a resistor?

The resistor is an electrical component whose function is to provide resistance. It is used in circuits to limit current and to divide voltage.

Does Ohm’s law hold correct for all type of conductors

No, Ohm’s law holds correct only for metallic conductors provided that physical conditions don’t change.

Why Electrical Wiring should be done neatly

There is much to be said for neatness of assembly in electrical signal wiring. Even though the electrons don’t “care” how neatly the wires are laid in place, human beings who must maintain the system certainly do. Not only are neat installations easier to navigate and troubleshoot, but they tend to inspire a similar standard of neatness when alterations are made. Continue reading

What is a Breadboard

A breadboard, sometimes called a prototyping board, or proto-board allows to quickly join electronic components to one another without having to solder component terminals and wires together.

What do you mean by the transducer in Electrical Engineering

A device converting one standardized instrumentation signal into another standardized instrumentation signal, and/or performing some sort of processing on that signal. Often referred to as a converter and sometimes as a “relay.” Examples: I/P converter (converts 4-20 mA electric signal into 3-15 PSI pneumatic signal), P/I converter (converts 3-15 PSI pneumatic signal into 4-20 mA electric signal), square-root extractor (calculates the square root of the input signal). Continue Reading

What do you mean by slip in an Induction motor

The term slip in Induction motors is used for representing the relative speed of rotor with respect to magnetic fields. Read more about Slip

Is Isolator an onload device

No, Isolator is an offload device. Read Why Isolator is Known as Offload device

Electric Transformer is rated in kVA or kW

Electric transformer is rated in kVA. At the time of manufacturing, the nature of load to be connected is not known. (i.e it is resistive, reactive, R, RL, RC, RLC or of any other type). Therefore it is beneficial to express power in terms of voltage and amps. This V & A represents the overall power delivered to any sort of load. Continue Reading

What is a Switchgear

The equipment used for switching, controlling, protecting, and isolating electronic equipment.

Why electric power transmission is carried out at high voltage levels

The line drops in power transmission lines are inversely related to the voltage levels. The higher the voltage levels are, the lower are the line drops. Thus electric power transmission is carried out at higher voltage levels.

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