Top 10 Basic Electrical Engineering Questions Part 1

Top 10 Basic Electrical Engineering Questions Part 1 What do you mean by SPICE? SPICE is an acronym for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. Simulation software programs solves problems by simulating the behavior of electrical and electronic circuit components rather than by solving sets of equations. Two of the most popular simulation softwares are … Read more

What is Loading Effect of Electrical Measurement Instruments [Multimeters, Voltmeters, Ammeters]


Question: What is the loading effect of Electrical measurement instruments? Answer: The loading effect is the degree to which a measurement instrument impacts electrical properties (voltage, current, resistance) of a circuit. Loading Effect Formula: Loading Effect in Electrical Measurements Loading effect of voltmeters A voltmeter always connects in parallel to the electrical components for measuring … Read more

Humming in Transformers – Magnetostriction – What causes noise sound in Transformer

A transformer helps move electricity from one location to another. During its working, a transformer may vibrate or shake a little, and that tiny movement can cause a humming noise. The buzzing sound commonly heard from transformers or fluorescent light ballasts is caused by a phenomenon known as magnetostriction. This effect is a result of … Read more

Question: Why and where a condenser is installed in Steam Power Station

Question: Why and where a condenser is installed in a steam power station? Answer: A condenser is installed next to turbine exhaust. Exhaust steam from turbine enters the condenser where the condensate is recovered and is used as boiler water. Schematic diagram of the condenser Advantages of condenser It recovers re-useable condensate which is fed … Read more