Types of Transformers: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper

An electrical transformer is an ac machine which steps the ac electricity from one voltage level to another. Previously Electrical Engineering XYZ team shared the working and complete theory of transformers in Alternating Current XYZ Book, this white paper is intended to provide a graphical summary of different types of transformers.

This whitepaper provides a basic introduction to the transformer and its types. Types of transformer on the basis of design, working, stepping of voltages, autotransformers is presented. The later part of the paper provides the information of various cooling methods such as:

  1. ONAN: Natural oil cooling (ON), Natural air cooling (AN)
  2. ONAF: Natural oil cooling (ON), Forced air cooling (AF)
  3. OFAF: Forced oil cooling (OF), Forced air cooling (AF)
  4. ODAF: Directed oil cooling (OD), Forced air cooling (AF)
  5. OFWF: Forced oil cooling (OF), Forced water cooling (WF)

List of contents:

  1. Cover page
  2. Legal
  3. What is transformer, and its construction
  4. Rectangular type and shell type construction
  5. Instrumentation (protection transformers)
  6. Power transformers (Unit, substation & Distribution)
  7. Autotransformers
  8. Cooling methods along with example table


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