Different Types of Diode – Diode Types Sheet


The basic diode is an electrical component which allows current to flow in one direction and stops it in other direction. Due to its rectification property, it is widely employed in electrical engineering and electronics engineering components and systems. Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares the diode sheet in which different types are introduced. The visual … Read more

Laplace Transform Full Formula Sheet


Laplace transform is the method which is used to transform a time domain function into s domain. While Laplace transform is a handy technique to solve differential equations, it is widely employed in the electrical control system and modern industries. Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares the Laplace transforms full formula sheet. This table is very … Read more

Download Free Basic Electrical Engineering Formula Sheet


Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares free formula sheet on basic electrical engineering concepts and topics. The formula sheet contains different formulas on 13 DC and AC topics and is important for all Engineering students who are doing their engineering, and for those who are appearing in various competitive tests. While these formulas are basic concepts … Read more

Electricity consumption Sheet for Home Appliances


The use of consumer electronics and home appliances has become a fundamental necessity of our life. We need electricity to charge our mobile phones, to press our clothes, to power our laptop, to power our coffee machines, to wash our clothes, tablets, trimmers, dryers. Depending on their scope of application, different electronics have different power … Read more