Current Transformers White Paper


Current transformer or CT is a type of instrumentation transformer which is used to step down higher amps to lower amps. Electrical power system uses very high values of currents. It is impossible for the relays and instruments to directly monitor such higher values of currents. A current transformer is an instrumentation transformer which steps … Read more

Power Factor Correction Chart – Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


Power Factor is a ratio between true and apparent power. Its values range between 0 to 1. While capacitors play a major role in the correction of power factor, the Electrical Engineers, technicians and other people at plants are interested to improve the power factor by selecting the proper value of the capacitor. Today Electrical … Read more

Variable Frequency Drives and AC Motor Controls: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


Variable frequency drives aka VFDs are the heart of modern electrical motor controls. A VFD is made up of various electronic components which take a fixed frequency as input and provide a variable frequency output. A VFD is made of three parts. Rectifiers, filter, and inverter. Rectifier takes ac input, converts to dc, then after … Read more

Introduction to Prgorammable Logic Controller for Beginners: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


Today Electrical Engineering XYZ shares a whitepaper on Programmable Logic Controllers. While many electrical learners consider Programmable logic controllers a complex thing, they are nothing but industrial computers that are common in electrical industries. A basic introduction to PLC is provided in starting part of this paper. PLC’s from leading manufacturers including Siemens, Allan-Bradly provide … Read more

Types of Transformers: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


An electrical transformer is an ac machine which steps the ac electricity from one voltage level to another. Previously Electrical Engineering XYZ team shared the working and complete theory of transformers in Alternating Current XYZ Book, this white paper is intended to provide a graphical summary of different types of transformers. This whitepaper provides a … Read more

Type of Insulators used in Electrical Power Transmission Lines: Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


The overhead transmission line conductors are supported on the pylons. While pylon itself is a conductor, the individual conductors are electrically separated from it via the insulators. Simply saying the insulators are the components which carry the conductors while electrically isolating them from the pole. What’s in this Whitepaper? In this whitepaper, Electrical Engineering XYZ┬ápresents … Read more

Modern Circuit Breakers and Reclosers: Free Electrical Engineering XYZ Whitepaper


A circuit breaker is the protection element which protects the expensive power equipment and appliances against dangerous faults. This whitepaper presents the technical knowledge on circuit breakers and reclosers for power engineers, electricians, linemen, maintenance officers, supervisors and other people on the grid. Low voltage, medium voltage, and high voltage circuits breakers along with modern … Read more

Relays: Download Free Electrical Engineering XYZ White Paper

Today Electrical Engineering XYZ is going to share a technical white paper on Electrical Relays. Electrical Relays are the discrete electromechanical devices which have two conditions of working: “on” and ”off”. In this document basic introduction to the concept of relays is given. After going through this document you’ll be able to learn the basics … Read more