Top 10 Advantages and Practical Applications of Diesel Power Plant

Electrical Engineering article on Power Generation

The diesel power plant is the power station in which the diesel engine is used as the prime mover for electric power generation. Given below are top 10 merits of diesel plants.

  1. Diesel power plant can be installed at any place
  2. The plant is compact and occupies less space since the number and size of the auxiliaries is small
  3. The operating staff required is small
  4. For cooling purpose, a smaller amount of water is required
  5. Its design and layout are simple
  6. For same capacity the overall cost of diesel plant is much smaller than that of steam power station
  7. Diesel power station can be started quickly and can pick up load in a short time
  8. The thermal efficiency of the plant is higher as compared to a steam power station
  9. There are no standby losses
  10. Diesel power plants find their practical applications as standby and back up sets for supplying power to important points, hospitals, cinema halls, telephone exchanges. They are also used in factories and industrial units, IT rooms for backup purposes.

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