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What is Electric Power Generation

The process of generation of electric power from different energy sources is known as power generation. It is the first step in power cycle (the other ones being tranmission, distribution, and utilization).

Just like any other product, Electric energy is manufactured by the conversion of different power sources available in nature. Since electric energy can’t be stored in bulk it must be produced and transmitted to the point of use at the instant it is needed.

Sources of Energy

Crrently there are five main sources of energy that are available for power generation.


The Sun is the primary source of energy which can be used for producing power. Two prominent methods for producing energy from sun is:

  1. Using solar panels
  2. Using solar raidators


Wind is another source of energy that can be used to run wind turbines which drives wind generators


When water is stored at a certain height (given a certain head), it possesses potential energy. Turbines are synchronized to the alternators. When water is allowed to fall on the turbine it converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.


Nuclear fuel have capability of producing huge amount of energy. Nuclear fuels are employed in nuclear power station where the nuclear energyis used to generate heat, which is then used in steam turbines for producing electricity.


Heat enery obtained from coal is used to drive steam turbines that are synchronised with alternators.

5 Major Types of Power Generation Plants

Power PlantDetail
Hydropower plantUses water for power generation
Nuclear power plantUses nuclear as a heat source
Coal power plantUses coal as a source of heat
Solar power plantsArrays of solar panels used for converting solar energy into electricity
Wind power plantsThe wind energy is used to drive the wind turbines which drive generators

Economics of Power Generation

The actual price of electric power varies considerably around the world. It ranges from few cents to half a dollar (approx).

Electrical Engineers are always interested in determining the optimal cost of energy per unit (one kWh).

Power Generation by Countries

Given below is list of energy

Sr. noCountryPower Generation
1CHINA5883 billion kWh
2UNITED STATES4095 billion kWh
3INDIA1386 billion kWh
4RUSSIA1031 billion kWh
5JAPAN989.3 billion kWh
6CANADA649.6 billion kWh
7GERMANY612.8 billion kWh
8BRAZIL567.9 billion kWh
9FRANCE529.1 billion kWh
10KOREA, SOUTH526 billion kWh
Source Link: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/resources/the-world-factbook/fields/252rank.html

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