The power station unit that does not require any moving part is

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The power station that does not require any moving part is:

  1. Wind power generation
  2. Tidal power generation
  3. Solar power generation
  4. Thermonic convertor

Correct answer: 4. Thermonic convertor

Explanation: Tidal power generation involves turbines placed underwater that are turned by the flow of tides. While these turbines do have moving parts, the movement is generated by the flow of water, not by mechanical parts above the water surface.

Solar power generation, can also be correct option in some contexts. However, while solar power generation particularly through photovoltaic systems, doesn’t inherently involve moving parts, the mechanism for capturing solar energy, such as solar panels, can indeed have moving parts.

For instance, solar tracking systems are designed to orient solar panels to follow the sun’s path throughout the day, maximizing energy capture. These tracking systems can involve moving parts, such as motors and gears, to adjust the angle of the panels.

In light of this, the question could be clarified further by specifying whether it refers to the solar power generation process itself or to the equipment used for capturing solar energy. If the question refers specifically to the process of converting sunlight into electricity, then solar power generation still stands as the correct answer. However, if the question intends to encompass the entire system, including the equipment used for solar energy capture, then the answer could be revised to reflect that solar panels may have moving parts in certain configurations.

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