Ships are usually supplied power by

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Ships are usually supplied power by:

  1. Diesel engine
  2. Hydraulic turbine
  3. Steam accumulator
  4. None of above

Correct answer: 1. Diesel engine

Explanation: Ships are commonly powered by diesel engines. Diesel engines are preferred in marine applications due to their high efficiency, reliability, and ability to provide sufficient power for propulsion. These engines burn diesel fuel to generate mechanical energy, which is then converted into propulsion through the rotation of the ship’s propeller(s). Diesel engines are widely used across various types of ships, including cargo vessels, cruise ships, naval vessels, and even some smaller boats.

The other options provided in the question, hydraulic turbine and steam accumulator, are less common methods of powering ships:

  • Hydraulic turbines are primarily used in hydroelectric power generation and are not typically employed for ship propulsion.
  • Steam accumulators are devices used to store steam under pressure, which can then be released to power various systems or machinery. While steam power was historically used in ships, it has largely been replaced by diesel engines due to advances in technology and efficiency. Therefore, steam accumulators are not the primary means of powering modern ships.

Hence, the correct answer is indeed “Diesel engine.”

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