In Boolean algebra AND is represented by

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In Boolean algebra AND is represented by:

  1. /
  2. ×
  3. +

Correct answer: 2. ×

Explanation: In Boolean algebra, the AND operation is represented by the symbol: ×

Symbols used in Boolean Algebra

  1. / (Slash): The slash symbol typically represents the NAND (Not AND) operation in Boolean algebra. NAND is the negation of the AND operation, meaning it produces the opposite result. It returns true (1) only if at least one of the inputs is false (0).
  2. × (Multiplication symbol): The multiplication symbol is commonly used to represent the AND operation in Boolean algebra. In Boolean algebra, AND returns true (1) only if both inputs are true (1); otherwise, it returns false (0).
  3. + (Plus symbol): The plus symbol represents the OR operation in Boolean algebra. The OR operation returns true (1) if at least one of the inputs is true (1).
  4. – (Minus symbol): The minus symbol doesn’t have a standard representation in Boolean algebra. It’s not commonly used to represent any specific Boolean operation.

So, the correct answer is × (Multiplication symbol).

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