In Boolean algebra A.A equals

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In Boolean algebra A.A equals:

  1. 1
  2. A
  3. A2
  4. 2A

Correct answer: 2. A

Explanation: In Boolean algebra, A.A represents the logical AND operation of A with itself, also known as the conjunction operation. The logical AND operation in Boolean algebra results in the output being true (or 1) if and only if both inputs are true. Otherwise, the output is false (or 0).

So, for the expression A.A:

  • If A is true (1), then A.A will also be true (1), because both occurrences of A are true.
  • If A is false (0), then A.A will be false (0), because at least one occurrence of A is false.

Hence, the expression A.A is equivalent to A itself. This is because in Boolean algebra, when you AND something with itself, you’re essentially just evaluating the variable itself.

So, the correct answer to the multiple-choice question is: A

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