Electrical Engineering Formulas – ElectricalEngineering.XYZ Complete Formula List

Complete list of Electrical Engineering formulas.

Basic EE Formulae

  1. Amps to kW Conversion
  2. Electric Current Formula
  3. HP to Amps Conversion
  4. kVA to Amps conversion
  5. kVA to HP conversion
  6. kW to HP conversion
  7. Resistors in series
  8. Resistors in parallel

Electronics Engineering Formulae

  1. Capacitor Sizing formula
  2. Laplace transform formula

Electrical Machine Engineering Formulae

  1. Induction motor slip formula
  2. Induction motor formulas list
  3. Transformer voltage regulation

Power Engineering

  1. Reserve capacity formula

Cheat Sheets

  1. Basic EE Formula sheet
  2. Variable load formulas

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