Top 10 Basic Electrical Engineering Questions Part 1

Top 10 Basic Electrical Engineering Questions Part 1

What do you mean by SPICE?

SPICE is an acronym for Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis. Simulation software programs solves problems by simulating the behavior of electrical and electronic circuit components rather than by solving sets of equations. Two of the most popular simulation softwares are PSpice and Multisim.

What do you mean by valence shell and valence electron?

This outermost shell is known as valence shell. The electron in valence shell are known as valence electrons. Good to know: No element can posses more than 8 valence electrons. Whenever a valence shell has 8 electrons it is filled.

What do you mean by conductors?

Condutors are the materials by which charges move easily. The most common examples of conductors are metals. Good metal conductors have large numbers of free electrons that are able to move about easily.

Compare the conduction property of Aluminum with that of Copper?

Aluminum is roughly around 60% as good a conductor as copper is. However it still finds its applications where light weight is desired. An example is ACSR conductor used in overhead transmission lines.

What do you mean by linear resistors?

Resistors that have constant values which do not change with voltage or current are known as linear resistors. Such resistors are also sometimes termed as ohmic resistors.

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