Which of the following is base load plants

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Which of the following is/are base load plants:

  1. Wind plants
  2. Nuclear plants
  3. Diesel plants
  4. All of the above

Correct answer: 2. Nuclear power plants

Explanation: The correct answer is “Nuclear plants.”

Base load plants are power plants that are designed to provide a steady, continuous supply of electricity to meet the minimum level of demand on the power grid. They typically run continuously at a high capacity factor, meaning they operate close to their maximum output most of the time.

Nuclear plants are well-suited for base load operation because they can produce a large amount of electricity consistently over long periods of time without interruption. They have high capital costs but relatively low operating costs, making them economically viable for continuous operation.

Wind plants and diesel plants, on the other hand, are not typically considered base load plants. Wind plants generate electricity when the wind is blowing, which can vary in intensity and is not constant, making them more suitable for supplemental or intermittent power generation. Diesel plants are often used as backup generators or for meeting peak demand because they can be quickly brought online and are flexible in their operation, but they are generally more expensive to operate continuously compared to other sources like nuclear or coal.

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