Which of the following are the necessary requirements of an oscillator

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Which of the following are the necessary requirements of an oscillator:

  1. Frequency stability
  2. Amplitude stability
  3. Both of the above
  4. Power stability

Correct answer: 3. Both of the above

Explanation: Both frequency stability and amplitude stability are requirements of an oscillator.

  1. Frequency stability: Oscillators are devices that generate periodic signals, and one of the essential requirements for an oscillator is to maintain a stable frequency over time. This stability ensures that the oscillator produces a consistent frequency output, which is crucial in various applications such as communication systems, timing circuits, and signal generation.
  2. Amplitude stability: In addition to frequency stability, maintaining a stable amplitude or voltage level of the output signal is also crucial. Amplitude stability ensures that the strength or intensity of the oscillation remains constant, which is important for maintaining signal integrity and reliability in applications such as radio transmission, audio processing, and instrumentation.

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