Which of the following are the disadvantages of a closed loop control system

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Which of the following are the disadvantages of a closed loop control system:

  1. Oscillatory response
  2. Reduces the overall gain
  3. Complex and costly
  4. All of the above

Correct answer: 4. All of the above


  1. Oscillatory response: Closed-loop control systems can sometimes exhibit oscillatory behavior, especially if the control parameters are not tuned properly or if there are delays or nonlinearities in the system. Oscillations can lead to instability and reduced performance of the system.
  2. Reduces the overall gain: Closed-loop control systems inherently introduce feedback which can sometimes reduce the overall gain of the system. This reduction in gain may be necessary to stabilize the system and prevent oscillations, but it can also decrease the system’s ability to respond to changes quickly.
  3. Complex and costly: Closed-loop control systems typically require more complex hardware and software components compared to open-loop systems. They often involve sensors, actuators, controllers, and feedback mechanisms, all of which add complexity and cost to the system. Additionally, tuning a closed-loop control system for optimal performance can be time-consuming and may require specialized expertise.

So, all of the options listed are disadvantages of closed-loop control systems.

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