Top 10 Advantages of Interconnected Grid Systems

The connection of a number of generating stations in parallel in order to increase the overall stability and reliability of power system is known as an interconnected grid system.

Any power grid large enough to meet the demand of an entire nation must have multiple generators drawing from multiple energy sources supplying that power. Interconnected grid systems make it possible to utilize the older power plants, it improves the diversity factor, reduces plant reserve capacity and enables the swapping of peak loads under high traffics.

We previously learned the basic definition and theory of working of interconnected generators in power systems.

Given below is a list of the top 10 advantages of using interconnected grid systems:

  1. Utilization of aged power plants
  2. Swapping of loads to different power stations
  3. Proper management of peak loads
  4. Increase in diversity factor
  5. Reduction in plant reserve capacity
  6. Increase in stability of plant
  7. Improved reliability of power system
  8. Makes it possible to utilize efficient stations continuously
  9. Reduces se of less efficient plants
  10. Increase overall effective capacity of the power system

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