Top 10 Advantages of Hydroelectric Power Generation

Hydroelectric power is a major electrical power generation source. Given below are top 10 advantages that are associated with the hydroelectric power station.

Clean Fuel

The only fuel required for hydroelectric power generation is water. It is clean resource, has no pollutants, burning, or any sort of chemical reactions associated with it.

Small running charges

Compared to coal, gas, diesel power station and power stations, the hydroelectric station has very small running charges.


Power generation through hydroelectric stations relies on the water cycle. Water comes through the reservoir, flows through penstock, passes through turbines, exits the station and joins some river. In fact, this water is renewable and it is never wasted.

Instant Service

Alternators and other hydro facilities can instantly serve the load from zero to maximum output.

Simple in construction

Unlike complex nuclear, steam, and diesel auxiliaries the hydro dams are simple in construction and operations.

Less maintenance

Equipment requires little to none maintenance.

Supplementary benefits

Alongside power generation, the reservoir has supplementary benefits. Entire list comprises flood control, irrigational water, drinking water.

Opportunities to the General public

Most dams are open for public access and provide a large number of recreational activities. Such as boating, fishing, and swimming. While such opportunities are an amusement park for spending leisure time, they are equally beneficial in terms of economy and employment.

Longer life

The expected life of a hydroelectric station is around 30 – 35 years after which it demands an upgradation. The actual process of renovation depends on the individual plant.

Smaller Management Crew

Hydroelectric stations are robust and rugged plants. They require very small service. A small crew can easily manage the operations.

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