The chemical effect of current is used in

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs

The chemical effect of current is used in:

  1. DC ammeter
  2. DC energy meter
  3. DC ampere hour meter
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 3. DC ampere hour meter


  1. DC ammeter: DC ammeter measures the current flowing through a circuit. It utilizes the magnetic effect of current, not the chemical effect.
  2. DC energy meter: DC energy meter measures the energy consumption in a DC circuit. It typically utilizes the electromagnetic effect rather than the chemical effect of current.
  3. DC ampere hour meter: DC ampere hour meter measures the quantity of electricity consumed or discharged over time in a direct current (DC) circuit. It relies on the chemical effect of current, specifically the accumulation of charge on electrodes submerged in an electrolyte solution. As current flows through the meter, it causes a chemical reaction that results in the deposition of material on one electrode and dissolution of material from the other, which is then measured to determine the quantity of electricity passed through the circuit.

So, the correct choice is “DC ampere hour meter” because it specifically uses the chemical effect of current for measurement.

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