The amplitude spectrum of a Gaussian pulse is

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The amplitude spectrum of a Gaussian pulse is:

  1. Gaussian
  2. Impulse function
  3. Uniform
  4. A sine function

Correct answer: 1. Gaussian

Explanation: When considering the amplitude spectrum of a signal, we are essentially examining how the signal’s energy is distributed across different frequencies. In the case of a Gaussian pulse, which is a common waveform in signal processing and communication systems, its amplitude spectrum is also Gaussian.

A Gaussian pulse in the time domain corresponds to a Gaussian shape in the frequency domain due to the Fourier transform properties. The Gaussian function is characterized by its bell-shaped curve, where the energy is concentrated around the central frequency with a gradual decrease as we move away from it. This behavior is reflected in its frequency spectrum, resulting in a Gaussian distribution of energy across frequencies.

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