Tappings of a transformer are provided

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Tappings of a transformer are provided:

  1. At neutral side end of HV side
  2. At phase end of LV side
  3. At middle of HV side
  4. At phase end of HV side

Correct answer: 3. At middle of HV side

Explanation: The tappings in transformers are typically provided at the middle of the high voltage (HV) side to enable adjustments to the transformer’s turns ratio without affecting the full winding capacity. This central placement allows for effective voltage regulation while maintaining a balance in the transformer’s physical and electrical design. By having these tappings at the middle of the HV side, it’s possible to modify the voltage in smaller increments, which is beneficial for fine-tuning the output to specific needs while minimizing impacts on the transformer’s efficiency and performance. This method also aids in maintaining the transformer’s durability and reliability over its operational life.

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