Steam Power Station MCQs

Welcome to Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs post on Steam Power Station Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs). This resource is designed for electrical engineering students and professionals looking to deepen their understanding of steam power stations. Here, we explore key concepts, operational mechanics, and troubleshooting techniques through carefully curated MCQs. Whether you’re preparing for exams or refining your practical knowledge, these questions cover fundamental and advanced aspects of steam power generation, helping you grasp the complexities of how these stations operate efficiently and effectively. Let’s dive into the intricacies of steam power technology.

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The steam exiting the boiler of the plant is at

The steam exiting the boiler of the plant is at ABC and XYZ. Here ABC and XYZ respectively imply:

  1. Low temperature, low pressure
  2. Low temperature, high pressure
  3. High temperature, high pressure
  4. High temperature, low pressure

Correct answer: 3. High temperature, high pressure

Explanation: In a boiler system, especially within power plants or industrial applications, the steam is typically generated at high temperatures and high pressures. This configuration maximizes the energy content and efficiency of the steam. High temperatures increase the steam’s thermal energy, crucial for effective energy transfer and operational efficiency in processes like driving turbines. High pressures boost the steam’s energy density, enhancing its capacity to perform more mechanical work. Therefore, the correct interpretation of “ABC” and “XYZ” in the context of steam exiting a boiler is High temperature, high pressure.

The furnace in Cyclone fired boilers is arranged in

The furnace in Cyclone fired boilers is arranged in:

  1. Horizontal configuration
  2. Vertical configuration
  3. Both of these
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 1. Horizontal configuration

Coal is fed to the boiler via

Coal is fed to the boiler via:

  1. Conveyor belts
  2. Mallets
  3. Cranes
  4. Excavator

Correct answer: 1. Conveyor belts

Compared to water tube boilers, the fire tube boilers are

Compared to water tube boilers, the fire tube boilers are:

  1. Cheap
  2. Expensive
  3. Both cost the same

Correct answer: 1. Cheap

The term pulverized coal means

The term pulverized coal means:

  1. The coal which is larger in size
  2. Coal broke down into small pieces
  3. Coal which is dark gray in color
  4. White coal

Correct answer: 2. Coal broke down into small pieces

Explanation: “Pulverized coal” refers to coal that has been crushed or ground into fine particles, typically to improve the efficiency of burning. This process increases the surface area of the coal, enabling it to burn more quickly and efficiently in furnaces and boilers. This term does not relate to the size, color, or type of coal before pulverization but specifically to coal that has been processed

Coal power station works on

Coal power station works on:

  1. Atkinson cycle
  2. Rankine cycle
  3. Otto cycle
  4. Miller cycle

Correct answer: 2. Rankine cycle

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