Snubber circuit is used with SCR

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Snubber circuit is used with SCR:

  1. Either series or parallel
  2. In series
  3. Anti parallel
  4. In parallel

Correct answer: 4. In parallel

Explanation: SCRs (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) are semiconductor devices used for controlling large amounts of power. When an SCR is switched off abruptly, it can create voltage spikes due to the sudden interruption of current flow. These voltage spikes can damage the SCR or other components in the circuit.

A snubber circuit is used to suppress these voltage spikes by providing a path for the current to flow when the SCR is turned off. There are mainly two types of snubber circuits: RC (Resistor-Capacitor) snubber and RCD (Resistor-Capacitor-Diode) snubber.

When a snubber circuit is used with an SCR, it is typically connected in parallel with the SCR. This configuration allows the snubber circuit to absorb the energy stored in the SCR’s inductance and capacitance when the SCR is turned off, thus preventing voltage spikes.

So, the correct choice is “In parallel.”

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