Relaxation Voltage controlled oscillators are used to generate

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Relaxation Voltage controlled oscillators are used to generate:

  1. Triangular wave
  2. Sawtooth wave
  3. Both 1 and 2
  4. Sinusoidal wave

Correct answer: 3. Both 1 and 2


  1. Triangular wave: A relaxation oscillator is capable of generating a triangular wave. In a relaxation oscillator, the capacitor charges up to a certain voltage level and then discharges rapidly through a resistor, causing the voltage to drop. This cycle repeats, resulting in a triangular waveform.
  2. Sawtooth wave: Similarly, a relaxation oscillator can also generate a sawtooth wave. This is achieved by charging the capacitor linearly (instead of exponentially, as in the case of generating a triangular wave) and then discharging it rapidly. The linear charging results in a linear increase in voltage, leading to a sawtooth waveform when the capacitor discharges.
  3. Sinusoidal wave: While relaxation oscillators primarily produce triangular and sawtooth waves, they can be used as part of a circuit to generate a sinusoidal wave. However, it typically requires additional circuitry such as filters and nonlinear elements to shape the waveform into a sinusoidal shape.

So, the correct answer is “Both 1 and 2”. While relaxation oscillators directly generate triangular and sawtooth waves, with additional circuitry and adjustments, they can also contribute to generating sinusoidal waves indirectly.

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