Reheat cycle in thermal power plant is used to

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Reheat cycle in thermal power plant is used to:

  1. Increase thermal efficiency
  2. Improve condenser performance
  3. Reduce loss of heat
  4. Utilize heat of flue gases

Correct answer: 1. Increase thermal efficiency

Explanation: The reheat cycle in a thermal power plant is used primarily to increase the thermal efficiency of the power generation process. The reheat cycle involves reheating steam after it has passed through the high-pressure turbine but before it enters the low-pressure turbine. This reheating process allows the steam to reach a higher temperature before it expands further in the low-pressure turbine.

By reheating the steam, the average temperature at which energy is transferred to the turbine increases, which leads to higher thermal efficiency. This is because the efficiency of a steam turbine generally increases with the average temperature of the steam entering it. Reheating the steam also reduces the moisture content, which helps prevent blade erosion in the turbine and improves overall turbine performance.

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