Radial Power Distribution System Network

A radial system is one power source system. In this system, separate feeders radiate from a single substation and feed the distributors at one end only. Radial power distribution is cheapest to build. The figure below displays a radial power distribution system. A feeder originates from substation and feeds the distributor at one end only.

Advantages of Radial System

  1. It is simplest distribution system
  2. The initial cost is lower

Disadvantages of Radial System

  1. Customers rely on single feeder and single distributor, any fault on feeder of distributor cuts off supply from consumers who are located on side of fault away from substation
  2. Distributor end closer to feeding point is heavily loaded
  3. Consumers located away from distribution have voltage fluctuations with load change
  4. System is not reliable
  5. In case of fault on feeder there will be complete blackout

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