Metal Clad vs Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Switchgear can be classified into two varieties: metal enclosed and metal clad.

Metal Clad SwitchgearMetal enclosed Switchgear
More robust designNot robust like metal clad
Requires shutters between the bus and the front of the equipmentDoesn’t require shutters between the bus and the front of the equipment
Compartmentalization of live parts existsNo compartmentalization of live parts
insulation of the bus and primary components
Switching and interruption devices should be drawout mountedSwitching and interruption devices are not drawout mounted
Devices can be removed without unwiringDevices can be removed after unwiring
Higher interrupting ratingLower interrupting ratings
Appropriate breaker duty cycleLower duty breaker cycle
Governed by IEEE standard C37.20.3Covered by multiple standards
Is always superior and will meet or exceed the requirements and capabilities of metal enclosed switchgearIs inferior in terms of features, requirements and capabilities when compared to metal clad switchgear

See video below on Metal clad switchgear:

Metal enclosed switchgear:

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