Lightning arresters are used for

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Lightning arresters are used for:

  1. Protection of equipment from short circuits
  2. Protection of equipment from open circuits
  3. Protection of equipment from external lightning
  4. All of the above

Correct answer: 3. Protection of equipment from external lightning

Explanation: Lightning arresters, also known as surge arresters or lightning protectors, are devices used to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by lightning strikes. When lightning strikes, it can induce very high voltages and currents in electrical systems, potentially damaging or destroying equipment. Lightning arresters are designed to divert these high voltage surges to the ground, protecting the equipment connected to the system.

While lightning arresters can provide some protection against short circuits and may help mitigate the effects of power surges, their primary purpose is to safeguard equipment from the immense energy of lightning strikes, making the option “Protection of equipment from external lightning” the correct choice.

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