Fusing Factor Formula and Explanation

Fusing factor is the ratio of minimum fusing current to the current rating of the fusing element.

Mathematical Formula

Fusing factor Formula = Minimum fusing current / Current rating of fuse element

Good to know

  • The value of fusing current is always more than 1
  • The higher the fusing factor, the lesser is the difficulty in avoiding deterioration and vice versa
  • Enclosed type cartridge fuses can employ lower values of fusing factor while using silver element
  • The fusing factor of rewireable fuses employing copper wire elements is generally 2
  • The minmum fusing current itself is a value that corresponds to choose value of time indicated on time/current curve which is obtained itself from prescribed testing condition
  • The fuse rating or current rating of fuse element is the value of current which flows through element without melting it

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