For audio frequency applications, the popular oscillator used is

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For audio frequency applications, the popular oscillator used is:

  1. Crystal oscillator
  2. Wien bridge oscillator
  3. Phase shift oscillator
  4. Hartley oscillator

Correct answer: 2. Wien bridge oscillator

Explanation: The Wien bridge oscillator is specifically designed for audio frequency applications. It provides a stable sinusoidal output at audio frequencies (20 Hz to 20 kHz). It consists of an amplifier and a bridge network of resistors and capacitors that determine the frequency of oscillation. Due to its stability and suitability for audio frequencies, it is a popular choice for audio signal generators and other audio-related circuits. Therefore, among the given options, the Wien bridge oscillator is the most suitable choice for audio frequency applications.

Other than Wien bridge oscillator, the oscillators mentioned here are used in different applications. Given below is list of applications in which these oscillators are used.

  1. Crystal Oscillator: Crystal oscillators are widely used for generating stable frequencies in electronic circuits. However, they are typically used at higher frequencies (e.g., in radio transmitters, digital circuits) rather than in audio frequency applications.
  2. Phase Shift Oscillator: Phase shift oscillators are simple and commonly used in audio frequency applications. However, they are more prone to frequency variations due to changes in component values and temperature. They are often used in audio tone generators, but they might not be as popular as Wien bridge oscillators for audio frequency applications.
  3. Hartley Oscillator: Hartley oscillators are also commonly used in RF (radio frequency) circuits due to their simplicity and tunability. While they can be adapted for audio frequency applications, they are not as popular as the Wien bridge oscillator for this purpose.

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