Encoder is used in the digital electronics

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Encoder is used in the digital electronics:

  1. To separate address bus and data bus
  2. To convert non coded information into coded form
  3. To convert coded information into non coded form
  4. None of these

Correct answer: 2. To convert non coded information into coded form

Explanation: In digital electronics, encoding is a process used to convert non-coded information (such as analog signals or raw data) into coded form, which typically consists of binary digits (bits). This encoding process is essential for various purposes, including data transmission, storage, and processing within digital systems.

For example, in digital communication systems, encoding is often used to represent analog signals (such as voice or video) in a digital format for efficient transmission and error detection/correction. Similarly, in computing systems, encoding is used to represent characters, numbers, and other types of data in binary form for processing by digital circuits.

Therefore, the primary purpose of encoding in digital electronics is to convert non-coded information into coded form, typically involving the representation of data using binary digits.

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