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Are you looking for Electrical Engineering Scholarships? This ultimate source provides the most important things you need to know.

Types of Electrical Engineering Scholarships

There are five most common types of scholarships that are offered by your university/colleges

  1. Academic achievement: If you are a top student, this academic achievement scholarship is for you. Many universities/colleges offer academic achievement to the position holders.
  2. Sports achievement: If you are a sportsman these scholarships are for you. Many universities/colleges provide sports achievement scholarships to attract athletes
  3. Need-based scholarships: Many organizations/universities/colleges offer these scholarships to students with demonstrated financial need
  4. International Scholarships: Many universities and colleges provide international scholarships to attract deserving students from the globe
  5. Scholarships by different Organizations: Many organizations sponsor individual scholarships for Engineering students. Example is IEEE

Scholarships for International Students

Chevening Scholarships for International Students

Link: Chevening Scholarships

Dundee Global Excellence Scholarship – Postgraduate Taught Programs

Link: Find details

NewZealand Scholarships

Link: New Zealand Scholarships

Tips for Electrical Engineering Scholarships

Be honest

While filling scholarship applications, be honest. Don’t overstate any of your grades, memberships, experience, skills, and qualifications.

Don’t overlook smaller scholarship opportunities

Apply for any available opportunity. Even a $200 or $500 scholarship can help you with many things.

Be Quick

Missing a deadline will disqualify you for the scholarship. Apply on the soonest.

Be thorough

While filling application forms for Electrical Engineering scholarships you need to be thorough and provide all required information precisely. However, don’t add unnecessary details.


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