Dynamic braking is employed to brake

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Dynamic braking is employed to brake:

  1. Reversing drive
  2. Non-reversing drive
  3. Both of the above
  4. None of the above

Correct answer: 3. Both of the above

Explanation: Dynamic braking is a method used to slow down or stop a motor or a moving load by converting the kinetic energy of the system into electrical energy, which is then dissipated as heat through resistors or returned to the power source.

In the case of a reversing drive, dynamic braking is employed to slow down or stop the motor or load when the direction of motion needs to be reversed. Without dynamic braking, the momentum of the load could cause issues when changing directions, potentially leading to mechanical stress or unsafe conditions.

Similarly, in a non-reversing drive, dynamic braking is used to bring the load to a halt when the motor needs to stop. This is essential for controlling the speed and position of the load, ensuring safe operation and precise control over machinery.

Therefore, dynamic braking is employed in both reversing and non-reversing drives to effectively control the motion of the load or motor.

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