Configuration with Highest Power Transferability

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In which configuration power transfer-ability is higher:

  1. Horizontal configuration
  2. Triangular configuration
  3. Same in both configuration
  4. None of the above

Correct answer: 2. Triangular configuration

Explanation: In electrical power transmission, the triangular configuration generally refers to the delta connection (Δ), while the horizontal configuration typically refers to the star connection (Y). In a delta (Δ) configuration, the power transfer capability is higher compared to a star (Y) configuration.

This is because in a delta configuration, each load is directly connected across a phase, allowing the full line voltage to be applied across each load. In contrast, in a star configuration, the loads are connected between the phases and the neutral, resulting in a lower voltage across each load compared to the line voltage.

Therefore, the triangular configuration (delta connection) has higher power transfer capability compared to the horizontal configuration (star connection).

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