High Voltage Engineering MCQs

High Voltage Engineering MCQs by Electrical Engineering XYZ offers a comprehensive review of high voltage principles in a multiple-choice format. This resource delves into critical topics such as insulation coordination, breakdown mechanisms, HV equipment design, and safety protocols. With 100 thought-provoking questions, it challenges students and professionals alike to master concepts essential for power transmission, … Read more

Electrical Power Generation MCQs – 1000+ Power Generation Objective Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Electrical Power Generation MCQs let you test your knowledge of various conventional and non-conventional electric generation units. The multiple-choice questions are targetted on Hydroelectric, steam, coal, nuclear, gas, wind, solar, and other renewable as well as non-renewable sources of electrical power. Various MCQs on components, machines, devices, and structures let you evaluate your own knowledge … Read more

Stray losses in transformer occurs in

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs Stray losses in transformer occurs in: Correct answer: 4. Winding conductors and steel structures of transformer Explanation: Stray losses occur in the winding conductors due to resistance and inductance effects. Additionally, stray losses also occur in the steel structures of the transformer due to eddy currents induced by the alternating magnetic fields. These … Read more

The armature core of a DC machine is laminated to minimize

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs The armature core of a DC machine is laminated to minimize: Correct answer: 4. Eddy-current loss Explanation: The correct answer is “Eddy-current loss.” DC machines, like many electrical machines, have an armature core that is typically constructed using laminations. Laminating the core involves stacking thin sheets of ferromagnetic material and insulating … Read more