Alternating Current Concepts and Devices Ultimate ABC to XYZ Book

AC or alternating current is the form of energy which changes its polarity with the regular interval of time. The electricity coming at our home outlets is alternating in natures. The same ac is generated at power stations, transmitted through transformers and is used by ac motors and many consumer electronics.

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This book begins with the ac and its employment in capacitors, inductors, resonance, and filters. As you advance, you learn about transformers, polyphase ac circuits, alternating current motors, transmission lines and ac instrumentation circuits.

Author: Tony R. Kuphaldt.

The contents of the DC Book (Lessons in Electric Circuit) are WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. The contents of book are published under the terms of Design Science License. The content are all same as they'er in the original Volume 1 of Lessons in Electric circuits. The title is derived under the clause 4 of License terms.

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