ACSR in Power Transmission means

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ACSR means:

  1. Aluminium conductor steel reinforced
  2. Aluminium copper steel reinforced
  3. Aluminium core steel reinforced
  4. All conductor steel reinforced

Correct answer: 1. Aluminium conductor steel reinforced


  • Aluminium: This refers to the primary material used for conducting electricity in the ACSR cable. Aluminium is chosen for its lightweight and good conductivity properties.
  • Conductor: The conductor is the part of the cable that carries the electrical current.
  • Steel Reinforced: The aluminium conductor is reinforced with steel strands. These steel strands provide additional strength to the cable, allowing it to support its own weight over long spans without stretching or breaking.

So, among the given options, the correct answer is: ACSR means Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced.

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