50+ Raspberry Pi Project Ideas

The Raspberry Pi is a small computer that can do a lot of things. You can use it to design a telescope, can make robots of it, can plug it into a monitor, and attach a keyboard and mouse. In this list, we have compiled 50+ Raspberry Pi Projects. You can take these as project ideas to design your own.

Automated Planet Tracking GOTO Telescope

Music Player w/ Analog Controls

Robot Cat

Spot Micro Quadruped Robot Project

Raspberry PI Smart Mirror

LED Word Clock Project

CutiePi tablet

Senese Hat Project

Humanoid robot

Home Security System Project

Smart Security Camera Project

Geiger counter

Game Console

Pocket Computer

Raspberry Pi Looper

Inspirational messenger Project

Hexapod Robot

Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Project

Bipedal Robot

Bike Headlight

21-31 Raspberry Pi Projects

Desktop PC
Network Server / Storage
Turn none wireless device into a wireless device
Pirate Radio
Object Detection
Pirate Box
ADS-B receiver
Hardware Wallet
Nintendo Emulator
Christmas Light controller

32-41 RaspberryPi Projects

42-46 RaspberryPi Projects

47-57 RaspberryPi Projects

Home Automation with Raspberry Pi

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