5 Reasons Electrical Energy is Superior to Other Forms of Energy

Electricity is the most common source of power that exists around us. We use it for powering our machines, automotive and electronics. But what makes is so wonderful. Here are the 5 reasons electrical energy is superior to other forms of energy.

Flexible operation and control

Electrical energy can be easily generated, stepped up, stepped down, and controlled using different equipment. Such operation and control flexibility is not available in case of other forms.

Efficient transmission

In modern world power plants are located far away from residential communities. Electrical energy is efficiently brought from remote areas using conductors. Such efficiency would have been negligible in case of other forms.


Electrical Energy can easily be converted to other forms of energy.

Eletrical motors are used to convert electrical to mechanical.

Electrical energy can be converted to heat energy (as in case of heaters, iron).

Electricity can be used for producing light energy.

It can be used for heating, cooling, melting and in other industrial processes.


Electricity is a most flexible source in terms of generation, transmission, operation, control, distribution, storages, and conversion process.

Generation flexibility: It can easily be generated using turbines and generators.

Transmission flexibility: Flexible transmission using conductor wires.

Operation flexibility: Flexible measurements and stepping.

Control flexibility: Excitation, stepping, and switching controls

Distribution flexibility: Can be effectively stepped and distributed.

Storage flexibility: DC batteries are used for storing electricity

Conversion flexibility: Electricity can be converted from ac to dc, dc to ac, or to other forms of energy using different equipment.


Unlike other sources, smoke, fume, pollutants, and other poisonous gases are not associated with electrical energy.

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  1. You are isolating electrical energy generation from coal , gas, nuclear mass burning . And most of the electrical energy generation is from non regenerative sources . All of your points are valid though , I just got this to my mind . Thank you


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