2-out-of-5 code is

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2-out-of-5 code is:

  1. Non-weighted code
  2. Weighted code
  3. Alphanumeric code
  4. Self-complementing code

Correct answer: 2. Weighted code


A two-out-of-five code is a constant-weight code that provides exactly ten possible combinations of two bits, and is thus used for representing the decimal digits using five bits. Each bit is assigned a weight, such that the set bits sum to the desired value, with an exception for zero.

According to Federal Standard 1037C:

  • each decimal digit is represented by a binary numeral consisting of five bits of which two are of one kind, called ones, and three are of the other kind, called zeros, and
  • the usual weights assigned to the bit positions are 0-1-2-3-6. However, in this scheme, zero is encoded as binary 01100; strictly speaking the 0-1-2-3-6 previously claimed is just a mnemonic device.

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