10 Factors to Be Considered While Choosing a Site for Steam Power Stations

In order to ensure the economical operation of steam power stations, below factors should be considered:

  1. Availability of fuel: The power station should be located near coal mines so as to minimize transportation costs. If plants are located far away it is vital to ensure adequate facilities exist for the transportation of coal.
  2. Availability of water: Water is required in huge quantities for the condenser, making it necessary to install the plant near a river or canal to ensure a continuous supply. Also see here: What is feedwater in steam power plants
  3. Transportation facilities: Adequate transportation facilities must exist for material and machinery transportation. In order to achieve this, the plant should be connected to other parts of the country by rail, road, etc.
  4. Land cost: The plant should be located where land is cheap and expansion is possible.
  5. Type of Land: The ground’s bearing capacity should be adequate to support heavy equipment.
  6. Proximity to load centers: To reduce transmission costs, the plant should be situated near the center of the load. This is particularly important if the DC supply system is adopted. However, coal power plants have an environmental impact as well, this factor should be considered and suitable and sufficient calculations should be done and optimal safe distance from populated areas should be calculated so as to minimize population. Also see ElectricalEngineering.XYZ artilce on Efficiency of steam power plant
  7. Transmission voltage: If AC supply system is adopted, the plant can be installed away from load centers, provided other conditions are favorable, as AC power can be transmitted at high voltages with reduced transmission costs.
  8. Environmental considerations: As mentioned earlier in Sr. 6, coal power plants have an environmental impact. The plant should be located at a considerable distance from populated areas to minimize pollution from smoke and fumes.
  9. Site security: The site should be secure from natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes that may damage or destroy the plant.
  10. Availability of labor: The plant should be located in an area with a ready supply of skilled and unskilled labor.
  11. Access to raw materials: The site should have access to raw materials and spare parts needed for plant maintenance and repair.

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