10 Disadvantages of Hydroelectric Power

In one of the previous articles, we learned Top 10 advantages of Hydroelectric power stations. Alongside numerous advantages, there are a couple of disadvantages associated with hydroelectric power generation. Given below is a list of these disadvantages.

  1. Forests are submerged and the ecosystem is badly damaged, the case is more evident when the dam reservoirs are larger in size
  2. Waterborne diseases also increase around stagnant water reservoirs
  3. Dam bursting can cause a flood and immense damage to the lives and nearby properties
  4. Countries suffering from long drought periods have an insufficient amount of water available for driving turbines
  5. Huge capital cost should be invested for designing dams
  6. The long time required for building
  7. Requires large investment on transmission systems
  8. Requires technically trained and experienced workers for designing DAMs
  9. The average age of a DAM is around 50 years, for earning profit out of given investment and keeping depreciation rate in mind, the price per unit goes high
  10. Taxation is imposed on the public for construction of government-owned dams

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