Top 10 Differences Between Induction and Synchronous Motors

Both Induction and Synchronous motors are widely used in electrical industry. Electrical Engineering XYZ presents top 10 differences between induction and synchronous motors. You can watch the video below or skip the video to read text below:   Induction motor Synchronous motor Speed Runs lower than synchronous speed. Runs at synchronous speed. DC Field No … Read more

Control Systems Engineering Lecture 1 – Video and PDF Download Available

Welcome to the world of Control Systems Engineering. In this article Electrical Engineering XYZ shares Professor Benjamin Drew lecture 1 on Control Systems Engineering! In this inaugural lecture, Professor Drew embarks on a journey into the fascinating realm of control systems, exploring the fundamental principles and concepts that underpin this field. Whether you’re a seasoned … Read more

Current Transformer

For the same reasons necessitating the use of potential (voltage) instrument transformers, we also see the use of current transformers to reduce high current values and isolate high voltage values between the electrical power system conductors and panel-mounted instruments. See basic introduction to Current Transformers Below, or you can skip to read the text below: … Read more