Proximity effect is more in case of

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQ

Proximity effect is more in case of:

  1. Overhead lines
  2. Power cables
  3. Same in both cases
  4. None of the above

Correct answer: 2. Power cables

Explanation: The Proximity Effect refers to the phenomenon in electrical conductors where the current distribution is uneven when conductors are placed close to each other. This effect becomes more significant at higher frequencies.

In the context of the given multiple-choice question:

  1. Overhead lines: Overhead lines typically refer to power transmission or distribution lines that are installed above ground. The Proximity Effect is more pronounced at higher frequencies, and for typical power transmission frequencies, the Proximity Effect may not be a dominant factor.
  2. Power cables: Power cables, on the other hand, can refer to both underground and overhead cables. Underground power cables are usually insulated and have a closer arrangement of conductors compared to overhead lines. This closer arrangement can lead to a more noticeable Proximity Effect, especially at higher frequencies.

The correct answer is: Power cables

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