Proximity effect depends on

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQ

Proximity effect depends on:

  1. Frequency
  2. Relative permeability
  3. Distance between conductors
  4. All of these

Correct answer: 4. All of these

Explanation: The proximity effect refers to a phenomenon in which the distribution of current in a conductor is affected by the presence of nearby conductors. The factors that influence the proximity effect include:

  1. Frequency: The proximity effect becomes more pronounced at higher frequencies. At higher frequencies, the skin effect, which causes current to concentrate near the surface of a conductor, is more prominent. This, in turn, exacerbates the proximity effect.
  2. Relative Permeability: The relative permeability of the materials around the conductors can also impact the proximity effect. In environments with higher relative permeability, such as when conductors are placed near magnetic materials, the proximity effect may be more significant.
  3. Distance Between Conductors: The spacing between conductors plays a crucial role in the proximity effect. Closer proximity between conductors intensifies the interaction of their magnetic fields, leading to a more pronounced proximity effect.

Therefore, all three factors – frequency, relative permeability, and distance between conductors – contribute to the proximity effect.

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