Damper winding is used to

Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQ

Damper winding is used to:

  1. Suppress the hunting
  2. Decrease the load current
  3. Both of the above
  4. Increase the load current

Correct answer: 1. Suppress the hunting

Explanation: Damper winding is a winding placed on the rotor of a synchronous machine, such as a synchronous generator or motor. Its primary purpose is to suppress or dampen oscillations known as “hunting” that can occur in the system.

Hunting refers to the oscillatory motion of the rotor when there are sudden changes in load or disturbances in the system. This phenomenon can lead to instability and affect the performance of the synchronous machine. The damper winding provides damping torque, which helps to stabilize the rotor and prevent excessive oscillations.

So, the damper winding is specifically designed to suppress hunting and improve the stability of synchronous machines. Therefore, the correct option is “Suppress the hunting.”

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