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The “DC Motor Speed Controls Handbook” shared by Electrical Engineering XYZ is an essential reference for engineers, students, and professionals seeking comprehensive insights into the world of DC motor speed control. This meticulously crafted handbook encompasses a wealth of knowledge, spanning over 100 pages. It delves into the intricate intricacies of DC motors, offering a detailed understanding of their principles, operation, and applications.

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DC electric motors generate torque by a reaction between two magnetic fields: one field established by stationary “field” windings (coils), and the other by windings in the rotating armature. Some DC motors lack field windings, substituting large permanent magnets in their place so that the stationary magnetic field is constant for all operating conditions.

In any case, the operating principle of a DC electric motor is that current passed through the armature creates a magnetic field that tries to align with the stationary magnetic field. T h i s causes the armature to rotate.

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