Four Categories of Wind Power

On the basis of Size and its connection to the grid, wind power is classified into four types:

  1. Small, non-grid connected
  2. small, grid connected
  3. large, non-grid connected
  4. large, grid connected

Small, Non-Grid Connected

If one wants electricity in a remote location a small, non-grid connected turbine application is ideally suited. The small, non-grid connected turbine is not a cheap and economical power source. The costs are high, usually of the order of $0.50 per kWh, however, if energy is not required in bulk and this is only option available a small, non-grid connected turbine is optimal choice.

Small, Grid Connected

Just like a small non-grid connected turbine, the small, grid connected turbine option is not quite feasible.

Large, Non-Grid Connected Turbine System

Such system is feasible incase where power is required at islands or native villages and where grid connections are not available. Using a large, non-grid connected turbine system is not feasible. Integrating the system with diesel generator system is recommended.

Large, Grid Connected

As the name implies this system involves large, grid connected turbines. Turbines used in such configuration are utility scale large turbines with ratings near 1MW. For such applications the turbines are connected in form of wind farms.

See below the working of wind farms:

Sources: Innovative Techs Youtube Channel

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