Transformer MCQ’s – Objective Multiple Choice Questions on Transformers


Transformers are essential devices in electrical power systems, and understanding their operation is crucial. Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs on Transformers aims to test your knowledge of transformers. A transformer is an electromagnetic device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through mutual induction. It consists of two or more coils, called windings, which … Read more

Synchronous Generator MCQs

Welcome to Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs post on synchronous generators. If you’re looking to test your knowledge or gain a deeper understanding of synchronous generators, you’ve come to the right place. Synchronous generators, also known as alternators, play a crucial role in converting mechanical energy into AC electrical energy. In this post, we’ve curated a … Read more

What is Earthing Screen and How it works


The earthing screen is a network of copper conductors (generally called shield or screen) that is generally mounted over the electrical equipment in an electric power station. An Electrical substation houses expensive electrical equipment and devices. In case of lighting thunders, there is a chance that lightning strokes might directly hit the equipment at the … Read more

What is Loading Effect of Electrical Measurement Instruments [Multimeters, Voltmeters, Ammeters]


Question: What is the loading effect of Electrical measurement instruments? Answer: The loading effect is the degree to which a measurement instrument impacts electrical properties (voltage, current, resistance) of a circuit. Loading Effect Formula: Loading Effect in Electrical Measurements Loading effect of voltmeters A voltmeter always connects in parallel to the electrical components for measuring … Read more

Load Factor Formula, Definition and Applications with Solved Calculations and Examples

What is Load Factor In Electrical Engineering, the term “load factor” refers to the ratio of the average power consumed by a device or system over a specific time period to the maximum power it could consume during that same period. It is a measure of how effectively the electrical system is being utilized. Definition: … Read more

Voltage Regulation of a Transmission Line should be – Electrical Engineering MCQ

Electrical Engineering MCQ on Power Transmission Voltage Regulation of a Transmission Line should be Correct answer: 1. As low as possible Explanation: Voltage regulation of transmission lines should be as low as possible. Voltage regulation should be minimum in the case of transmission lines since minimum regulation means increases in load current will have a minimum effect … Read more

100+ Synchronous Motor MCQs – Top Most Important Synchronous Motor Objective Multiple Choice Questions


Electrical Engineering XYZ Multiple Choice Questions on Synchronous Motor. A synchronous motor is an electric motor that rotates at a constant speed and remains synchronized with the frequency of the alternating current (AC) power supply. It has a rotor with permanent magnets or electromagnets that align with the rotating magnetic field generated by the stator. … Read more

Electrical Power Transmission MCQs


Electrical Engineering XYZ MCQs on Topic: Electrical Power Transmission. The electrical power transmission system involves the transmission lines which carry the bulk power from generation plants to the distribution networks. At present, the primary source of transmission is alternating current (AC). The primary power transmission levels are 138-765kV, whereas the secondary transmission levels are between … Read more

Electrical Power Generation MCQs – 1000+ Power Generation Objective Multiple Choice Questions and Answers


Electrical Power Generation MCQs let you test your knowledge of various conventional and non-conventional electric generation units. The multiple-choice questions are targetted on Hydroelectric, steam, coal, nuclear, gas, wind, solar, and other renewable as well as non-renewable sources of electrical power. Various MCQs on components, machines, devices, and structures let you evaluate your own knowledge … Read more