Voltage Divider Rule

Statement: The voltage drop across a series resistor is directly proportional to the magnitude of its resistance. Voltage Divider Circuit and Formula Consider a series circuit comprising of ‘n’ total resistors. The voltage divided across resistors Rx can be found from formula: Let’s understand it in series circuit with two resistors. VDR in Two Series … Read more

Shockley Diode Construction and Working

Our exploration of thyristors begins with a device called the four-layer diode, also known as a PNPN diode, or a Shockley diode after its inventor, William Shockley. This is not to be confused with a Schottky diode, that two-layer metal-semiconductor device known for its high switching speed. A crude illustration of the Shockley diode, often seen in textbooks, is a … Read more

Electrical Power Distrbution MCQs


Electrical Engineering XYZ shares MCQs on Power distribution system. These MCQs are based on our primary and secondary electric power distribution systems and are very important for electrical jobs, competitive tests, university exams. After going through all MCQs you develop basic concepts on distribution system as well as you are able to appear in electrical interviews. The … Read more

JFET as a Switch – Field Effect Transistor as Switch

Like its bipolar cousin, the field-effect transistor may be used as an on/off switch controlling electrical power to a load. Let’s begin our investigation of the JFET as a switch with our familiar switch/lamp circuit: Remembering that the controlled current in a JFET flows between source and drain, we substitute the source and drain connections of a … Read more